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Chris Lockey

Chris Lockey

Chris has been dancing for nearly 20 years. He started Dance Days running social dances to provide another opportunity for people to come out and dance. Whilst continuing to learn he began helping out in classes, which led on to becoming more involved in teaching. Chris then made the decision to take a teaching qualification to develop his knowledge. Chris also brings his experience of training in various other environments.

In 2009 he took part in the Strictly Ident recorded for BBC 1.

In 2012 he took part in the London 2012 Paralympic Closing Ceremony.

Chris is a qualified dance teacher with the IDTA.

Darren Jupp

Darren joined the teaching roster in 2015 taking one of our beginners classes. He has been dancing since he was young and working his way through the amateur dancing medals. All teachers need to understand, demonstrate and dance figures as both man and lady. Darren has started doing this and hopes to take his teaching exams in the future. Teaching at Dance Days is a step on the way to becoming a qualified teacher, and one we are happy to encourage.

Helen Wickens

Helen joined dance days in 2016 as a backup teacher to fill in when for holidays and illness. She has been dancing for some years and has taken many amateur medals, and has started to take them dancing the man's part. Like Darren, Helen has an interest in teaching in the future and has begun studying for professional qualifications.


In addition to the teachers we are fortunate to have a number of experienced dancers who support us at Dance Days by coming along to lend a hand. Along with the teachers, they dance with our students during the classes which allows students to focus more on what they are doing and the experience of how the dance should feel. They are able to provide some guidance and assistance as they change partners with the class.

Our History

Dance Days was originally started by Chris Lockey to run social dances with the aim of providing a warm, friendly and fun atmosphere with good music on Sunday afternoons. The aim was in part to attract families with children to dances where they could bring their children along. These were short lived and stopped after a year. Over the next year he ran a few dances for other people whilst considering what the next step should be.

In 2010 he changed course, started running Saturday night dances. These dances are run on the first Saturday of each month. All the time he has tried to keep the dances evolving, some changes have been visible and others behind the scenes.

Music is at the heart and we continually look for new music from a variety of sources to expand our repertoire.

Expanding Our Horizons

In 2013 Chris qualified with the IDTA as a dance teacher, having been teaching for another local dance school. A change of circumstances ended that role and Chris decided to setup the dance school.

The Dance Days school opened in January 2014 on every Wednesday night. Followed by a second class in parallel that May.

2015 brought another new class this time on Friday evenings. September saw the first of our outdoor promotional events in Queens Square Crawely.

In 2016 a second class on Fridays has been added helping the school to continue growing. September brought the second outdoor promotion this time in Horsham.

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